Pole dancing is good for your heart too

Heart-Healthy Pole Dance

February is American Heart Month which challenges us to think of heart health. A strong healthy heart is essential, but not all of our activities are supportive of maintaining our heart's well-being. In the winter we tend to be inactive, eat unhealthy, and put on holiday weight that adds stress to the body and heart. Getting back on track to an active lifestyle can be daunting. If hitting the gym is not your thing, why not try taking a pole class?

Pole dance is an heart healthy workout that's both muscle building and aerobic--a combination that's great for the heart. It's also perfect for leaving behind worries and reducing stress. Better yet, it's a form of playtime in which new, close friendships are formed among dancers, aka pole sisters. And, those who pursue their passions tend to be happier and healthier overall. Learning new dance techniques keeps the brain busy and actively learning which also helps slow down aging.

Pole dancers tend to improve their diet when they start noticing the positive changes the exercise has on their body. Exercise is not forgiving of the excessive drinker or smoker and both these things do a lot of damage to the heart. As a bonus, dancing gives one a bigger heart--to love themselves and what their bodies are capable of. Dancers make a space for themselves to find time doing what they love. So, with February celebrating the heart, and March being National Women's Month, there's no better time to do something for you that's both challenging and enjoyable. Or, that gets you ready for summer!